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3 things to look forward to in 2010

As 2009 comes to a close, we keep looking at the best of 2009, the past decade and million other things. So I thought, it might well be interesting to look at what are the things we can look forward to in 2010. Here is my take on it:

joojoo1. Touchscreen tablets – Those who have used the iPhone or the iPod touch know the ‘awesomeness’ (a pure fanboy lingo used there 😉 ) associated with the user experience associated with the device. It is widely expected -atleast in the crazy world of tech-blogs that Apple would debut its Touchscreen tablet (size range 9 to 12 inches) in the New Year, perhaps even as early as Jan 2010. Whats more, another device called the JooJoo, though mired in controversy, has already started taking pre-orders. Its a capacitive touchscreen tablet worth 500 USD. Now, why is this something to look forward to? I strongly believe that the keyboards we are using today are the biggest impediments with regard to non-English languages coming onto the internet. How I would love to blog on strat/other blogs in Marathi or Hindi, even Sanskrit maybe! 2010s may well be the decade when we see a lot more people adopting the internet as a medium of communication in India and touchscreen tablets can be the tipping point of that revolution thats coming through!

commonwealth-games2. Commonwealth Games – Delhi- Most definitely from an India perspective, this is THE thing to look forward to in 2010! Not only the actual games, but also the infrastructure, the pace of development and the buildup to the same. The pedigree which India achieves as a host of Commonwealth Games would go a long,long way in getting the Olympics in India. While as a nation of billion people, everyone acknowledges that Olympics cannot NOT be held in India for long, but still, India should earn the right to host the event rather than the event being given by the IOC. I would most definitely go to New Delhi for the games, when they happen.

3. Stand on climate change – While the Copen Hagen conference didn’t quite live up to the expectations, climate change hopefully will be the issue where the world takes definitive steps. While we agree that the issue is a complicated one, which would have major implications for every nation involved, the whole world realises the need to resolve this burning question. This speech by Obama brings hope, but what may actually materialise is a matter of speculation.

Thats my 3 things! You can add your 3 things in comments section. Lets discuss what 2010 may hold for everyone of us as we bid farewell to the first decade of the 21st century!

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The ‘touch’ revolution!

We have had some amazing advancements in the telecommunications/ entertainment industry. Every gadget has had one objective in common though – introducing ‘ease of use’. The iPhone took ‘ease-of-use’ to another level with its capacitive touchscreen technology. Next came the kindle and Sony e-book reader (of which I believe only Sony’s book reader has touch capabilities – For more on book readers, read this crunchgear article) The laptop makers and even biggies like Microsoft and Apple must have sensed this as a huge opportunity. This week, we have had a slew of articles – all speculating about Apple tablet, Microsoft’s tablet – Courier, even a tablet with touchscreen capabilities by HP. The question is – are touchscreen tablets the next ‘in’ thing after mobile phones and book readers? Here’s why I think the answer is Yes –

Touch has the potential to truly lower the language barrier – Today, what holds gadgets off is the interface in English. For expanding into diverse markets like India, lowering the language barrier is essential alongwith the prime factor called cost. As touchscreen gadgets penetrate the market, the ‘qwerty’ keyboard can be replaced with a hindi language keyboard. This itself promises to change lives of many who wish to use gadgets like these.

(Caution: Image below is pure speculation on techblogs as of now. There has been NO official announcement)

Note: This is simply speculation

Note: This is simply speculation right now on various tech-blogs

Touch for ease of use – Icons are possibly the easiest way of identifying with things. Every advanced phone today has one character- icon representation of features. While some phones such as Nokia N95 use buttons to browse icons, latest phones like Samsung star, Nokia N97 and IPhone 3GS are using touchscreen to scintillating effect. Today, calling my best friend is as simple as pressing my finger on his/her photo in the contacts list. That for me is great ease of use.

Why tablets are the way to go?

Even now, for work, people prefer a larger screen. Can you imagine yourself writing a full report or doing a ppt or an excel sheet on a mobile? Majority of people will still say they would like to look at a larger screen. A tablet would not only increase mobility (since these gadgets would definitely be more portable than a laptop) but also aid faster browsing.

Clearly, all major firms in this field must be working towards creating a superb interface . This is one field where one can expect a lot of advances, particularly in 2010.

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