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Salary Survey for Management Graduates

Strat.in is proud to partner with IIMJobs for the Salary survey on Management Graduates.

The survey has three distinguishing factors –

(a) Anonymity guaranteed – We are committed to anonymity – the only detail we know about you would be the job related questions and nothing else.

(b) Largest web based survey for the segment – Since IIMJobs is a specialist in this field, the survey has reached a lot of eyeballs already. Your participation will only strengthen the data and make the survey more relevant to the current compensation landscape.

(c) Data Analytics will be shared right here on Strat – Data will be analysed and collated data will be shared on Strat.in in the form of an article.

Please take part in the survey and hit the ‘Facebook’ LIKE button above to share the Anonymous survey with your friends. This will be a definitive survey on the Management Graduates and we cannot do this without your support!

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Read the 2010 Survey here

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Engineering or MS or MBA post under graduation dilemma for Indian students

MS or MBA or Job – The great dilemma for Undergraduate Students

One of the most demanded features on Strat.in Facebook Page, Strat.in Twitter Page and Strat.in Mailing list is to throw some light about the biggest dilemma for Under Graduate students in the country – How to choose between taking up a job or going abroad for MS / taking up MTech in India or preparing for MBA  . (Note- We have looked at MBA in India in this context) Clearly, this isn’t a simple choice, since it has a significant impact on your career progression. Whether you are a current student or an ex-student, please fill this survey form up, and we shall collate these findings and publish them as an article on Strat.in going ahead.


We had conducted a similar survey in 2010 and 2011. For the benefit of Strat-ers, we are publishing the collated findings of the 2010 survey herewith. We have designed an infographic which takes a snapshot of the past decisions made by students – have a look

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