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Samsung Galaxy note 2 – Marketing spree overview

If there if one device that is on one huge marketing spree currently all over India, that device has to be the Galaxy note 2. After the rousing success of Galaxy note, Galaxy Note 2 obviously comes with an air of anticipation around it. And Samsung is sparing no efforts to make its flagship product known to one and all.

Lets have a quick look at the marketing aspects of Samsung Galaxy note 2.


1. Presence on reality shows – Bigg Boss Season 6 has just started at the right time for the product launch. Branding the show as powered by Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a brilliant move for sure. It will surely catch mass eyeballs here.

2. Cricket world cup – Both TV and internet . Its a known fact that cricket is the best place to tap technology / phone buying audience. Nokia and Blackberry have used this strategy to good effect for so many years now. Obviously, Samsung won’t be left behind. Expect a lot of ads on TV, internet, mobile about the Note 2.

3. Internet – Samsung Galaxy note 2 being an eagerly anticipated product, is prominently featured on all top ecommerce sites – Ebay, Flipkart, Infibeam, Rediff Shopping etc. You name it and that ecommerce site features the Note 2 prominently. This kind of publicity cannot be bought! Here are the top 3 deals I could find for the Note 2 online ( as on Oct 9 )

So, are you going to buy the most marketed product of the season? Especially with the festive season approaching, a lot of peoples’ answer would be Yes! Let us know your reviews or anything about the note below!

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Smartphone usage data for India and inferences

We believe this is indeed a Gold mine of data for marketers and marketing strategists. Google recently launched a nice initiative – Our Mobile Planet (link) which has research, data and analysis about what users do with their smartphones. I checked some data for India and here are some interesting facts –

1. What do users do after their Local search

A lot of users call the business – which was a surprise. Visit the website and visit the business were the obvious choices. Clearly, on local searches the trick is to be present with a contact number. Check chart below


2. Advertisements on Smartphones – In India, ad awareness seems to be improving but a lot of users don’t really visit the website and do the intended action when it comes to the sponsor wanting returns from the ad. Clearly, there is still spillage and the simpler the ad, the better the returns it would seem for the smartphone user.


3. Smartphone Payment options – Frankly speaking I doubt if the base case for this will be significant enough. At max it would be the Indian iPhone users with not many of the Android users regularly transacting using Mobile phones ( not that I know of at least) Unsurprisingly, not many have used the payment options , and to the delight of a lot of ecomm firms , the preferred mode of payment is the Credit card! So clearly, all the ecomm firms, will look to create apps for its users sooner rather than later!


4. Smartphone penetration in India – The number stands at a dismal 23% only. (Dismal in my books at least ) . But that also underlines the huge opportunity with smartphones and the app makers have in future. No wonder all cell phone manufacturers want to enter the smartphone market.


5. Smartphone usage patterns in India

Clearly, the smartphone usage patterns in India show how smartphones are indeed frequently used by users. That in itself is an encouraging sign for all the startups working in the technology domain (including mine of course – A new age real estate portal 🙂 ) Notice how the future trends are – clearly the future is extremely encouraging!

usage patterns for smartphones in india

What do you think of these findings, let us know!

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