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Design led business transformation – Royal Enfield Showroom

Editor’s Note: Design today plays a crucial part in every business. To quote Steve Jobs –

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.

This is becoming increasingly true even for offline businesses. The way your customers get introduced to your product, the level of comfort they experience when they visit your office, and most importantly, the flow through which they go while ‘interacting’ with the product influences sales. Alok Thakurdesai, a designer based out of Pune, has taken a shot at proving this intuitive but not-easy-to-prove hypothesis. The case in consideration is the Royal Enfield Showroom designed by him which has led to a 50% increase in sales as compared to other established showrooms. His writeup and experiences are below –

Redesigning the way customers experience Royal Enfield

These days, people are becoming more and more design aware. It is in the sub-conscious of the customer that design makes an impact. In the Retail business, what differentiates you from the pack is what experience you have on offer. Yes you have a brilliant product, but how you present it to your customers that matters. This is exactly what we at Three Fourteen Design wanted to achieve when we started work on redesigning Royal Enfield‘s Retail Space Design.

Auto Companies focus on building retail spaces that are mere bases of interaction with the customers. But how are they presenting the company to the customer? Design goes hand in hand with the User Experience at an Automotive Showroom. When you sell an experience, people will be loyal to your company and they will never even look elsewhere.

Royal Enfield as a company has a very loyal customer base, and its roots are grounded in rich history from England to india. The starting cost of a bike in the Royal Enfield range is a lakh rupees. A lakh rupees! And the fact that each and every bike is hand-built just adds to the value and the “pride” quotient. Why then should the Retail Space be ignored? The Showroom is the first point of interaction between the customer and his/her future bike. We wanted the showroom to shout out “Welcome to the ROYAL Enfield experience”.

Each and every corner of the showroom we designed keeping in mind the company’s story. The colour palette is warm yet rich with small added details. Details that, just like the company and its bikes, makes you want to explore for more! Every piece of furniture holds some relation to the history of the bikes. For example, the chairs we chose were designed by Charles and Ray Eames during the height of the Industrial Revolution. Elements like these add to the detail of the experience!

The bikes and the design now compliment each other well and makes your experience of buying your next Royal Enfield even more Royal!

Royal Enfield Pune Showroom 7

Royal Enfield Pune Showroom -vintage enfield

Royal Enfield Pune Showroom 1

Royal Enfield Pune Showroom 1- bikes


Photos and case study: Threefourteen | You can reach out to Alok Thakurdesai on his website РThreefourteen .

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The mystique & hype of Apple’s product launches

All over the internet – be it tech blogs, twitter, facebook pages or anything that has remotely to do with technology – there has just been one topic of discussion over the past few weeks – What will Apple do on their show this Wednesday – Jan 27. The invite is as simple as ‘Come see our latest creation’ and is handed to the top bloggers/press in the USA. Its accompanied by this picture as well.

Apple-inviteNow how does Apple manage to generate such unbelievable hype with every ‘Special event’ that it announces? Why does a MacWorld or an equivalent event looked up to so much by the world in general, and Apple fans in particular? There are many reasons for that, but here are my top 3 in reverse order:

3. The inimitable Steve Jobs – He is the CEO of the decade, the man who survived a liver transplant and someone who gave the best graduation speech I have ever heard. The whole idea of one man being the face of such a huge company is unbelievable! Steve Jobs deteriorating health caused some turbulence in the stock price in 2k8, that is the kind of respect the industry gives to the CEO.

2. Product design – To summarise in one sentence, when Apple says its a breakthrough in product design, they really mean it. Their last breakthrough was Magic mouse – to check one out in a Croma/Super Mall near you to find out what exactly I mean.

1. Their last product, the iPhone Quoting the recent conference call:

Apple sold 3.36 million Macintosh computers during the quarter, representing a 33 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter. The company sold 8.7 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 100 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter. It sol d 21 million iPods during the quarter, representing an eight percent unit decline from the year-ago quarter.

100% growth in the number of iPhones sold, that says it all, doesn’t it? All other firms flood the market with so many devices – Apple released one device, went totally against the market norms and is now a dominant smartphone in the US.

I think the way iPhone has changed the industry is the single biggest reason why there is so much hype about the Special event! 24 hours from now, we all will know what the latest creation is all about! I am definitely all ears tomorrow, for sure! Lets discuss about this in the Strat chatroom in the toolbar you can see at the bottom tomorrow then.

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