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Datasexual – The new ultra cool trend in India?

Just yesterday, I ran into a friend working with a major private bank in the country. As usual, he was cribbing about long work hours and the general disdain with which everyone is treated these days. But then something very unusual happened – for every person he was narrating to me about – he opened her cell phone and started showing Facebook profiles of these people! And then I asked him – why the urge to show Facebook profiles of all these people – the retort was – Aren’t you interested in knowing these people? Doesn’t this data about people make it more interesting?

My Answer really doesn’t matter, but matters is that so many people in India are carrying these silly smart phones in their pockets that have made data display so simple and second nature to human life. The modern urban male is not a metrosexual, rather he is a datasexual. Walk across any road on a crowded street, look at the tables across a crowded CCD on a Friday evening, run into a AC bus on a weekday morning – you would see people constantly transferring data, gossip, photos and visuals ! Indeed the addiction towards datasexuality has just started in India and is spreading fast!

It all started with the infographic, didn’t it?

The ubiquitous (now ubiquitous, I should add) pictorial image with a lot of data is possibly among the most shared items on the internet – after small kittens and lousy jokes obviously! However, that infographic got people to know one thing, people love data and different ways in which data is represented. And the rise of the datasexual started with that!

Foursquare – So little users, so much noise!

Foursquare doesn’t have much traction in India in terms of daily app usage (compared to international visits anyways) But the amount of usage by these datasexuals is pretty high in this case. And that is why Foursquare and Facebook location sharing is a lifeline of these so called datasexuals!

The big question – will they go mainstream ?

The question goes to the readers – will this trend of data obsession go mainstream? Respond to this in the comments section!

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