Product name:440a Stainless Steel
Thickness:1.2-600 mm
Width::1220-4200 mm
Length:5000-18000 mm
Notes:coil thickness ≤ 25 mm
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How Good is 440A Steel? - Knife Up

440A steel is a steel in the 440 family which contains a variety of other metals with varying properties. The others include 440B, 440C, and the less common 440F. All the 440 steels are considered truly stainless, but 440A has the highest corrosion resistance of all because it …

SAE steel grades - Wikipedia

The SAE steel grades system is a standard alloy numbering systems for steel grades maintained by SAE ... It is also known as marine grade stainless steel due to its increased resistance to chloride corrosion compared to type 304. 316 is often used for building nuclear ... Type 440A—has the least amount of carbon making this the most stain ...Carbon Steel · Chromium-Vanadium Steel · Hardenability · 17-4 Stainless Steel · SAE 304 · 440C

440A Stainless Steel

440A is a high carbon martensitic stainless steel that is AOD melted. This alloy can be heat treated to extremely high hardnesses. It has slightly less carbon than 440B and 440C giving it better machinability but less hardness.

List of blade materials - Wikipedia

440B is almost identical to 440A, but has a higher carbon content range compared to 440A 440C is considered a high-end stainless steel. It is very resistant to corrosion and is one of the most common stainless alloys used for knife making. [34]Steel·

440A vs 440C vs other choices for knife - Finishing

topic 17048 440A vs 440C vs other choices for knife 2002. Q. I have heard some disparaging remarks concerning 440A stainless steel, as compared to 440C,with regard to knifemaking.

440A Stainless Steel for Knife Blades - CustomTacticals

440A is one of the workhorses of the Sports and Tactical Knife industry. The majority of entry level knives use either 440A, 420HC or AUS-6 steel. 440 is a medium carbon, martensitic stainless steel that is very corrosion resistant and extremely tough that can be hardened to about RC58.[PDF]

440A STAINLESS STEEL - AK Steel Holding

440a stainess steel AK Steel is a world leader in the production of at-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steel products, primarily for automotive, infrastructure and manufacturing, construction and electrical power generation and distribution markets.

Stainless Steel - Grade 440 (UNS S44000)

Grade 440C stainless steels are high carbon steels, which attain the highest hardness, wear resistance and strength of all stainless steel grades after heat treatment. These properties make this grade suitable for applications such as valve components and ball bearings. Grade 440A and 440B stainless ...

440 series stainless steel | BladeForums

bladeforums› …› General Knife DiscussionApr 29, 2015· If you see ' 440 steel' then assume it's 440A .As there's been lots of 440A blades that gave a bad reputation. 440B is good for choppers as in my stainless kukri. Well HT'd 440C makes a good blade for a hunting knife.Boker 440C STAINLESS STEEL | BladeForumsApr 23, 2013440 Stainless Steel? | BladeForumsOct 11, 2008Heat Treating 440C Stainless | BladeForumsMar 25, 2007440C and rust - is this typical? | BladeForumsJun 13, 2003See more results

440C Stainless Steel Products and Specifications - Penn ...

Grade 440C stainless steel is a high carbon martensitic stainless steel. It has high strength, moderate corrosion resistance, and good hardness and wear resistance. Grade 440C is capable of attaining, after heat treatment, the highest strength, hardness and wear resistance of all the stainless alloys.

440A Stainless Steel | 440a Stainless | 440a Round Bar ...

440A Stainless Steel is available for order in Round Bar. For any 440A needs please call Michlin today. Not near a phone, click to chat on the website.

440 Stainless Steel - Continental Steel & Tube Company

Often referred to as “razor-blade steel” due to its frequent use in the manufacture of razors and cutlery, grade 440 stainless steel provides high strength and moderate corrosion resistance. Extremely versatile, it’s used in a wide range of industries to create specialized, small-scale products and is available in various types: 440A ...

Stainless Steel Type 440A - Rolled Metal Products

Type 440A (UNS S44002) Description. Type 440A is a corrosion resistant martensitic stainless steel containing approximately 17% chromium offering a wide range of …

Stainless Steel – Grade 440C (UNS S44004)

Grade 440C stainless steel is a high carbon martensitic stainless steel. It has high strength, moderate corrosion resistance, and good hardness and wear resistance. The following datasheet gives an overview of grade 440C stainless steel.

Stainless Steel – Grade 440C (UNS S44004)

Grade 440C stainless steel is a high carbon martensitic stainless steel. It has high strength, moderate corrosion resistance, and good hardness and wear resistance. The following datasheet gives an overview of grade 440C stainless steel.

440C Stainless Steel in stock - ready to ship steel bar ...

We frequently ship our 440C stainless steel internationally; 440C VAR Bearing Steel (AMS 5618) For bearing applications where corrosion is a challenge, 440C has long been the standard material for performance bearings. We have 440C VAR (AMS5618) in stock and ready to ship the day you order, in the following diameters: ...

440B Stainless - West Yorkshire Steel

West Yorkshire Steel are suppliers of 440B stainless steel round bar, diameters. A high carbon high chromium type combining stainless steel properties with excellent hardness after heat treatment. 440B is very similar to the 440C grade but with a slightly lower carbon content, it attains a lower hardness than 440C but has slightly better ...

440C Stainless Steel - Carter Crafts

440C Stainless Steel I often hear a lot of misconceptions about one of my favorite knife steels, 440C stainless steel, and I want to clear up a few of them. 440 stainless steel has gotten kind of a bad rap because a lot of factory knives use 440 stainless, sometimes called "surgical stainless".

Stainless Steel - 440 Stainless Steel - Beartech Alloys

440 Stainless Steel: Type 440A, 440B, and 440C . Hardenable high-carbon chromium steels designed to provide stainless properties with maximum hardness

440A, 440B, 440C, 440F, 440F Se HARDENABLE CHROMIUM ...

440a, 440b, 440c, 440f, 440f se hardenable chromium stainless steel. also look for 440 series under our castings page. ... sae 51440f se martensitic crse selenium bearing free machining stainless ams 5631c 440a bars & forgings ams 58990 440c bars & wire & forgings ams 5618d 440c bars,wire & forgings ams 5630g 440c bars, wire & forgings ...

Stainless Steel 440A - Magellan Metals

Stainless 440A is a high-carbon high-chromium stainless steel which provides moderate corrosion resistance from mild atmospheres, fresh water, steam, ammonia, many petroleum products, organic materials, and several mild acid environments.

AISI 440A (S44002) Stainless Steel :: MakeItFrom

AISI 440A stainless steel is a martensitic stainless steel formulated for primary forming into wrought products. 440A is the AISI designation for this material.

Steel Types | What is the Difference? | Blade HQ

Q: What are the differences between steel types in blades? If you have collected knives for a long time, or even if you are new to knives, chances are you have wondered what the differences are between all the types of steel in knife blades.

420HC stainless vs 440 | BladeForums

bladeforums› …› General Knife DiscussionAug 06, 2004· 420HC stainless vs 440 Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by OMEGA DOOM, Aug 4, 2004. Page 1 ... 440C is a harder and more wear resistant steel. One of the reasons that Buck knives stopped using it was that their customer's had trouble getting it sharp. ... Buck could have used 440A as well as 420HC for mass production. The 420 ...

440C High-end Stainless Knife Steel - Buy Online

Buy 440C High-end Stainless Knife Steel Online - 440C High-end Stainless Knife Steel 440C Stainless Knife Steel is the high-end of the 440 stainless steels. Being harder than the others, keeping a sharper edge much longer than standard 440A or 440B stainless steels.

440C- A Love Hate Affair by Jay Fisher

The American Iron and Steel Institute classifies it as 440C martensitic standard stainless steel. In European systems, it's specified as X105CrMo17. In Japan, it's SUS 440C. The Aerospace ... 440A: this is a hardenable stainless steel alloy, ...[PDF]

Types 410, 420, 425 Mod, and 440A -

The stainless steel alloys shown in the table on Page 3 were heated as sheet samples for 60 minutes per inch of thickness at 1800°F (982°C) for Type 410 and at 1900°F (1038°C) ... Types 410, 420, 425 Mod, and 440A exhibit good corrosion resistance to atmospheric corrosion, potable water, and to mildly corrosive chemical enviroments ...[PDF]

Atlas Grade datasheet 440C rev May 2008 July 2010.

same as for high speed steel. Chips are tough and stringy so chip breakers are important. If ... 440A/B Slightly softer and more corrosion resistant grade needed ... Limitation of Liability The information contained in this datasheet is not an exhaustive statement of all relevant information. It is a general

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