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One of the most important things in this world is communication. While communication at a large scale was often restricted to big players in the past, internet has now broken that boundary. Today, everyone of you sitting in front of your computers has the opportunity to reach out to every single other person online in this world, with your thoughts, and expressions – through blogs, at no cost. Each one of us has an opportunity today to build a communication channel through these blogs. While the journey to improve your reach through this communication channel is quite an interesting challenge, it often meddles with your content generating time. Further, maintaining your reach also requires quite an investment of time.

Here’s where we come in. If you want to write about the WHY of things (be it politics, finance, web, sports, or anything else), Strat.in gives you a medium through which you can fully focus on the content of your articles, and we, through our existing visitor base, give you an improved reach for your articles.

So, if you want to contribute through Strat.in, please write to siddhesh@strat.in , giving the following details:

1. Name

2. College (Most recent/current)

3. Current Profile (Student / Job Designation and Company)

4. Phone Number

Please note that we would like to know all these details when you send across your emails.

So, contribute through Strat.in, and expand your horizon!!

Why Blog?

Blogging is about telling the world about your opinions. Blogging is about improving the flow of information across the world. Blogging is about combining multiple different events and making a connection of them to show how it would make a difference. Blogging is about learning. Blogging is about thinking deeply about whatever you see. Blogging is about making business ideas from conversations you have with people. Blogging is about storing your thoughts online – because as someone said “The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory“.

PS: Also check out – Trait when you find time and give feedback.

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8 thoughts on “Write a Post!

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  6. kadiyalasanthosh says:

    Hi all,

    i think every one is aware of the latest Airtel Ad.. Good bye and street boy performing..
    both are too gud n reached the pulse of a common man.. too touchy.
    but i dont think that such a wonderful ad would change the person’s existing network connection to airtel?? do anyone expect that these ads would bring in business to airtel??

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