Mahabharata in Sonnets

Mahabharata #2 – The terrible condition

Said Ganga,’O beloved’ marry you I shall surely,
For akin to you, I love you dearly,
But thou shalt never question me, however eagerly,
About my actions and deeds, lest you be filled with fury!
King Shantanu, love struck didn’t think too clearly
Agreed to the condition, judging the consequences poorly
They had a firstborn son, king’s elation was visible plainly
But She drowned the boy, in a manner unbecoming and prickly!
The palace was shocked and in grief, profusely
The King neither swooned nor did he cry, surprisingly
The maidens stood stunned, for their lord acted surprisingly
But Shantanu now understood what the condition implied, surely
The King was normal, but in his heart quite surly,
For it continued for his seven Bharatvanshis, which hurt him severely!
** Bharatvanshis are the descendants of Bharat
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Mahabharata in Sonnets

Mahabharata #1 – The rise of Shantanu

Back into history, a great King there lived,
Bharata the name , his stories to this day relived,
Long after he was gone, his aura survived,
On the banks of Ganga his dynasty thrived!

Shantanu wore Bharata’s blood like a diadem prized,
He ensured peace, with pride the clan brimmed
Father Pratipa and Goddess ganga had a pact long contrived
Of a Shantanu-Ganga alliance when the moment right arrived

Ganga met Shantanu on the river bank, as contrived,
Shantanu spellbound with her allure, asked her, surprised
‘Did you fall from the heavens straight when they rived’
Marry me O dearest he said, with glee his heart jived

She said yes, his joy though was shortlived
On listening her condition , his elation nosedived!

Who was Shantanu?

Shantanu was a great kind , a descendant of Bharata. Shantanu was perhaps the start and the cause of the epic that came to be – the Mahabharata and thats why this above passage is quite important.

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