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Top 5 Indian Newsmakers of 2012

A lot has happened in 2012, from the demise of so many wonderful musicians, artists to a number of glorious moments, new public figures and what not.

So, basing my decision on research from numerous trends on news, search engines and public opinion these would be the top 5 Indian Newsmakers of 2012.

5. Rajesh Khanna


He is the one who has created news even after death. He had made a nation go crazy during his stardom days and his demise was also marred by so many controversies that people continued to talk about him.

As a friend of mine said, God seems to be planning a complete movie in heaven and hence he had selected the top stars of Bollywood to be called upon in 2012. We would always remember Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor, Dara Singh, Yash Chopra, Bhupen Hazarika, Jagjit Singh and Ravi Shankar.

4. Sunny Leone


Though the hype of Sunny Leone had died down towards the end of 2012, but the earlier part of year belonged to her. She was the most searched celebrity from India on all the search engines.

Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra (with her Playboy deal) are giving her a good competition in this field. Sex sells.

3. Saina Nehwal


This year belonged to more sports than just cricket. Saina maintained her momentum throughout the year and was an inspiration to lot of women in the country to take up sports. The Olympic bronze added to her list of medals, though everybody believes she would achieve much more in years to come.

Retirement of Tendulkar has created enough buzz in the media in the recent days but that is what people had started expecting now though nobody can come out in open to say that. There were other good sportspersons to be remembered in 2012 like Mary Kom, Viswanathan Anand, Vijay Kumar, Pankaj Advani, etc. who provided remarkable feats in 2012.

2. Arvind Kejriwal


He was a lesser known human being in 2012 and wow, he has done wonderfully to go up in the news during 2012. Call it using or misusing media, he has brought many politicians out in open. Though people have now forgotten the episodes of Robert Vadra and Nitin Gadkari, but he has created enough damage. He has even displaced Anna Hazare, his mentor from the news making point of view.

Well it is for us to see whether this is just a noise making machine or would we see a better politician this time in our country.

1. Narendra Modi


Touted as the next Prime Minister of India, he was in limelight throughout the year. Though in the later part it was more because of the elections in Gujarat and his spectacular win there but even before that he was part of branding Gujarat and  BJP to be a development-pro party. 2013 and 2014 will be equally important for this man to achieve the plans he has made.


A lot of Newsmakers are still left out but then you count people “who make News” and not just “who are in News”.

2013 may belong to so many people, even some of the above ones might get repeated as well. Let’s see.

Advance wishes for a Happy new year to all the readers.


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Has India become a rape-prone nation?

The spate of cases of rape have been on a rise in the last few months. So, is the threat real, that we are moving towards becoming a rape-prone country where women will feel afraid to go out and become independent.

Some digging of the facts and analysis show some different trends.


This list by Nation Master does not show India even among the Top 50, not something which we should be proud of but quite a relief.

There can be two major reasons for this anamoly, either most of the cases of rape in india are not reported to police (which could be a big possibility) or is it our media (media shows what people like to hear) which is hyping it up. In both the scenarios it does not bode well for our society.

There might be a third reason as well, that our society had never encountered even these many rape cases earlier and hence the sudden sprite of these have made us uneasy. Focusing further on this, I am treading into a danger zone but has our society changed so much?

1. The Western culture has had a wrong influence on our society, some men do not consider rape as big a crime as before. This is not a completely convincing justification, since the punishment for rape has remained same as before though the exposure to western culture has increased in the recent years.

2. The punishment is not a deterrent enough to reduce the rape cases. This might be true to a certain extent since countries like Saudi Arabia which have severe punishment for such crimes has seen very low cases of rape.

3. The low female to male ratio. This might sound absurd but the socialogists saw this coming, since ours is a country which is at the bottom of female to male ratio leading to lower marriages/partners. (Source: World FactBook) But if this is the case, it will be long before this ratio will return to normal.


4. Indian legal system is not able to bring the existing criminals to justice, which in turn makes the other would-be criminals believe that they can escape the law.

We can give more probable reasons, but the reality is such crimes are still happening and very little is being done to stop/reduce them happening in future. We, as a nation need to do something better so that ours does not become a rape-prone nation.


“Rapes (per capita) by country”, European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control International Statistics on Crime and Justice, 2011. Retrieved from

Male/female ratio by country: Retrieved from



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Analyzing internet search – more than what you could guess

Analysis of the web searches of people all over the world has provided some interesting answers and the adult search content is not even among the top 3 in volume.

Some major trends in the internet search:

  1. Maximum searches are for social media sites, be that facebook or linkedin, but why do people still search for these sites??
  2. Second rank holders are the video sites, that will be youtube by far.
  3. Next comes the email providers like yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.
  4. Fourth rank is taken up by adult search content.

Now, while trying to understand the logic of searches the world over, there are more interesting things that pop up.

  1. People like to do searches just for being sure that spelling is right. There are multiple reasons for that, some users do not want to take a risk of going to other site by mistake and some others find it easier than typing the whole text.
  2.  Most searches do not have any meaning. The search for meaningless words is very high, much higher that they command a huge traffic volume. Take for example asdf, qwertyuiop, etc. These have become huge because people search for them out of boredom and these are the easiest ones to search from keyboard.
  3. Then there are people who do not have time or are just lazy enough that they even want to search than finding the link on page. Classic example is people searching for facebook login on google than on facebook website.
  4. Search for public personalities is on a huge rise with the popularity of people from business, sports and entertainment field generating a lot of interest due to the availability of information online.
  5. People do search for adult content and these are the only top searches which are less focused on a site and more on generic verbs/nouns.

All definitions of what internet was made for have changed over times and so have the search engine purposes.

It would be interesting to hear what our readers think has been changing in the world of internet search. Please do put down your thoughts below.


Source: Google Zeitgeist, Mike’s marketing tools, AOL’s top searches

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What is the missing piece in personal branding?

People have realized that the most important brand they should work on is they themselves. Proliferation of forums,  blogs and social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are a testament to that. People have gone far enough creating sites about themselves or creating videos on YouTube.

So, everything looks complete, what is the missing piece one may ask.

One of my colleagues asked me the same question which prompted me to do some research on this topic. The results of this study might be expected by a few but may be surprising for others.

The first startling fact was that people do not believe on most of the claims people make unless

a) Someone known to them endorses the person
b) Person is endorsed in a media report or article
c) He/she has completed a degree or certification they believe in.

From above the learning is clear and the results depict what changes you need to make.

The next fact which was surprising was reluctance to share personal branding material with others, this was majorly true for people outside media, entertainment and HR fields.

a) People believe that they should not share it with colleagues as it would mean they are looking for a job, which is not necessarily the case
b) The circles are comparatively limited to their area of work.

So, they lose from both ends. These are the people who must realize the need for personal branding more than others.

For a start,  try using brand yourself for knowing how you are doing currently.

Have fun marketing yourself.

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Cheapest form of Marketing

Can you live without breathing in?

I know we can’t, but some companies try to do that.

Every company wants to increase revenue and cut costs, but then going ahead and cutting marketing is like stopping to breath to live longer. So, this post is for all those companies who want to cut costs without stopping to breath.

What is your cheapest source of marketing, you just have to look around. They are your employees, cheapest and best source of marketing. Best because the people they talk to and they will influence will rely on the information much more than any other source of marketing and cheapest because anything you spend to keep your employees happy is generating you multiple benefits i.e. human development, better products, better work efficiency and of-course marketing.

So you would want to know what are the ways in which employees can do marketing

1. The social space of employees is one area through which they reach out to hundreds and thousands of people. This space is their personal, but company can provide enough benefits and encouragement for employees to use their social network for comany’s benefit. Just one share of an employee reaches out to more than 10,000 people on linkedin and 25,000 people on facebook even for the less connected ones. Simple actions like liking company’s updates does greatly boost the reach of each of the company’s message.

2. Providing gift articles like t-shirt and bags do much more than just making the employee happy. They are your visual displays on the run. You can never imagine buying a movable display at such a cheap cost. So, provide the best messages on those gift articles so that whoever comes across those remembers them. When using this medium be careful of providing good quality as otherwise your employee will never use it or even worse, people will identify your brand with bad quality.

3. Providing referral bonuses to employees is another good way, so that, employee indirectly reaches out to his network of school and college alumni to make your brand presence felt everywhere. You can also be assured that he will say good things about the company more as he would want people to join.

Invest in your employees, the cheapest way of marketing.


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Not just Marketing – Create a trust based relationship

If somebody does a survey today on the rate of increase of companies versus the rate of increase of population, I guess everybody would know the answer to that. So, what is happening is that there are more and more businesses chasing a comparatively slower growing clientele. The thoughts of adding on more customers is on everybody’s mind and in the last couple of decades customer retention has also started moving up the top items to care about.

But what I am trying to point out here is something more than that, it is trust based marketing.


Generating trust might be one of the toughest things a company has to do. It is like you are trusting a person, even one wrong move can destroy that trust, but once you are in the good books there is nothing stopping you. You then don’t see your business just growing but actually booming, there are multiple companies who source 100% of their requirements from a single company if they are able to trust them.

It is those initial dealings with each customer which decide the fate of a relationship. It might be the person who initially deals with the customer or the website which you have created, invest in those and returns would be really spectacular. You can forgive small mistakes later on in a relationship, but don’t let the relationship start with hiccups.

So how does one continue building the trust that is once established?

  1. Setting up clear objectives: It is always better to set up clear expectations in relationship where you want to grow up trust. Define each of the outcomes you look forward to, whether you need support in other functions, your plans to grow the account would always be looked favorably.
  2. Communication: Make sure that thread of communication is never broken and your client does not hear you saying things behind their back. It will be end of most of such client relationships when that happens.
  3. Equality: A relationship should not become a one-sided affair, where one side always gives and other always receives. Such relationships cannot go strong, so keep that in mind when you look forward to take a lot from your client remember that you also need to give something.

Create Trust. Create Business.

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