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Strat.In stands for Strategy Invented, Strategy Indianized, Strategizing!

Today the web has made huge strides in replacing the traditional media and blogs have become ubiquitous. We, some of the recent graduates of premier institutions in India wanted to contribute to this revolution. We felt that though a lot of people write about technology and even business, but the strategy behind them is rarely discussed. This is our attempt to discuss the strategic decisions and management issues faced in India.

We believe everyone has an interesting story to tell, just not everyday. A lot of people have amazing ideas and story to tell the world but they are not able to. One reason being that their ideas come once in a while and hence they are not able to maintain a blog, and even if they do have a blog a lot of people don’t read or comment. At strat.in we feel that people can contribute these articles and our readers will comment and this will lead to further discussion and growth. If you feel like contributing any story / suggestion/ comment then please to write to us!

Disclaimer: Views mentioned by posters on strat.in are their own and strat.in is not responsible if they hurt someone’s feelings directly or indirectly.

Thanks for visiting and until next time … keep ‘strat.in‘g!

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