India 3G subscribers at 40 mn
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Learnings for India from KPCB Internet trends presentation

Quick highlights for our readers –

100 mn mark breached – So, a lot of talk over the weekend about the Internet trends. India had a full 20 slides devoted to it, thats how seriously the global media takes India. First thing to note that India Internet users have crossed 100 mn successfully and now are at 120+ mn.

India Mobile users of Internet surpass the Desktop/Laptop – Next, Mary Meeker sees India’s unique phenomenon where Mobile users have passed Desktop users as a Good / Bad news. What I feel is that in terms of Mobile, India – and not any other country will act as a bellwether for the rest of the world. Reason is simple – In India, lot of mobile users don’t know enough English to use the laptop/desktop yet, in fact they get too intimidated to use the laptop/ desktop. Besides the mobile is extremely convenient to use too.

LOW ARPU – Average revenue per user problem on mobile – Another very interesting thing to note is that while ARPU on mobile has increased in Japan, it hasn’t done so in the US. The current models, both of Google and Facebook are being challenged as mobile proliferation hots up. Note that even Facebook’s billion dollar acquisition – Instagram – hadn’t even come close to solve the monetization problem yet. Clearly, putting ads within apps and waiting for ad dollars is not the way to go as far as mobile monetization is concerned.

Re-imagining life in India – As far as India goes, adoption of mobile and smartphones particularly will keep happening. Especially with dual sim smartphones coming to the market, expect an amazing tug of war for email users, social networking users, e-commerce junta and so on in India!

For those who missed the presentation, check it out below!

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Perhaps one of the most comprehensive presentations I have seen in recent times about the internet.

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