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MBA Salary Survey 2010 from IIMJobs.Com

We recently received a submission from Mr Tarun Matta, founder of They have conducted a survey from May 16th to May 31st 2010 with over 5600 MBA graduates sharing salary data anonymously. They offered for us to include this survey results on our site and we agreed to do so. So in case you are interested then please download the file here. is an interesting site. It attempts to cater to MBA graduates seeking jobs, which is ofcourse a very big segment! I checked the site first time around an year ago and it was like a blogspot blog with job postings. Now ofcourse the site has changed a lot and has a good listing and page layout. If they are able to source good openings and provide good job referrals then definitely they can fill the segment of job openings website.

India definitely needs a good job website. Ofcourse and other sites have come up but are they really able to fill the gap? Are they able to fulfill the needs of job searchers? Are they able to provide executive search capabilities or are they just listings of jobs? I feel they are probably not able to do it, but I might be wrong. Any comments please do share.

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