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CNN IBN is one of the best news channels in Indian media. It gave great news, covered almost all important topics, presented both sides of the coin, and offered something for everyone. It covered  politics, technology, finance, business, religion, travel and many other diverse fields and that is what made it special.  When was launched about 2 years back, it was really an amazing site! However a lot has changed over the past 2 years and this article will try to expand on and some good and bad features of it.


The Good

  • The Content: I think emphasizes it a lot and whatever I will be writing here will be a repetition of the point made above. The various fields, indepth analysis, (mostly) unbiased views, and good journalism made IBN the first choice as a news channel. By putting almost all the content online was able to provide amazing content to the internet.
  • Functionality: The site had amazing functionality as the video player was smooth, the bandwidth was great and the downloading did not take forever like with most Indian video providers. The experience was amazing with
  • Mostly Ad-free: The videos did not really interrupt you too much. There was not too much advertising and it felt that was being looked at as a way to make people aware about IBN the newschannel.

The Bad

  • The Over Advertising: Please note the red circles in the image above. It highlights 3 google adsense placements with a simple story on, plus the whole page had a couple more of google ads. Sometimes this really makes me wonder how much money will IBN be geneating through Is it really worth diluting their content and the appearance of their website? Plus note the popup blocker gets activated! is acting just like million other spam sites!
  • Equity Dilution through portals: was an amazing site but then by launching multiple portals they have just diluted their equity. They have Tech2, CricketNext, Buzz18, Josh and god knows what all. They have moved them all into domain but the dilution has had its effect.

The Ugly

The ugliness is something very apparent in the statistics. Just browsing through Alexa tells you the difference. has an alexa rank in India of 3,478 and (a close competitior) is 89. Many startups and blogs have a much better ranking than on the web in India.

I still believe that has a great potential in front of it and it just needs to review its online strategy. People might say that India has such low internet penetration that companies really don’t care about web presence. Well see where the world is moving and see the potential of and then decide whether it is worth it or not.

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6 thoughts on “ – the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. well, you can use a little trick and you dont need to be geek to use it.

    Install the adblock addon for firefox which blocks all the advertisements from the webpage. It also speeds up page loading time.

    Now, you can enjoy or any website without getting annoyed by ads.

  2. Kaushik says:

    Shubham, I knew it!!

    Well, you may cry yourself hoarse about the fact that CNN-IBN is unbiased, but I can give you countless examples to the contrary from a number of articles on the website

    I have told you earlier, but you didn’t pay heed to this fact – CNN-IBN is far from neutral politically. They push forward a point of view that supports a particular political party, and occasionally, quite aggressively – they rubbish any contrarian points of view.

    This is why a lot of people do not read CNN-IBN website. Why should they be read something that they know is not quite the truth? Thus, many brilliant articles related to sports, movie reviews etc remain unread.

    Again, I am not a paranoid supporter of the other political parties. I have observed this for quite some time, and if we sit together, I can show you, as I said – many examples.

    Loss of readership from a particular group of people is one of the main reasons their Alexa rankings have suffered

    I agree with your other points of view though

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  4. Kaushik says:

    Well Umang, I still back my reason.

    I will tell you why.

    NDTV has a special channel called NDTV Arabia – basically catering to the middle east – that is a source of readership by the Indian expats there which gives them a taste of home. IBN, despite the partnership with CNN, have not been able to reach to different parts of the globe, which was one of their targets.

    As far as other subsidiaries of CNN are concerned, well people read and not through the CNN website, but go to them directly, so the CNN-IBN website doesn’t get the hits for sports or business news.

    On the other hand, NDTV has sports and business news on its website itself.

  5. Subrata Datta says:

    It is plain to see that IBN goes soft on the Congress Party when its members are interviewed. During 26/11 attacks IBN refrained from nailing the Vilasrao Deshmukh led Congress Government for its utter failure to prevcent the attack and during & after it happned not quzzing Desmukh. Even now IBN is soft pedalling the Maha Govt over the radhan report . Its reporters including the very senior ones do not have it in them to get sat the truth. Obviously there is a shortage of reporterts like Woodward & Bernstein who got the most powerful man to demit office in India.

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