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Strat. In Contest – Comment 2 Win

On the occasion of Strat . In completing 100 posts, we are glad to announce the Strat. In “COMMENT 2 WIN ” contest!

I have asked a lot of people that after reading articles why don’t they leave comments? Mostly there is just one reason – Laziness!

Thus, we want to give you a slight push, a bit of motivation to comment!

Over the next 2 weeks (Till 28th June 2009) you stand a chance to win $25 if ……

You leave a ‘constructive’ comment on any of articles on Strat.In!

All participants will enter a random lottery at the end of the contest and one person walks away with $25.

You must be thinking $25 is nothing! What comes in $25 nowdays …. well …. you can get

  • flickrA Flickr Pro Account for an year!
  • wordpress Credits!
  • logoDreamhost hosting for an year (with $97 coupon ofcourse)
  • inox5 Tickets to a movie at Inox
  • dominosBunch of pizzas to share with your friends!

Phew! I hope this motivates you!

For 5 minutes spent reading an article and another 2 minutes writing your thoughts about it, you may win $25.

Now you must be thinking … so many people will participate what is the probability of me winning?

I am remembering a small scene from Luck By Chance …. where Farhan and Konkana are in a shop discussing about filling a form for a lottery for a refrigerator.

Konkana: Kya chances hai ki agar main yeh form bharun to main jeetungi?
Farhan: Pata nahin! Par mujhe itna pata hai ki agar tum yeh form nahin bharogi to there is no chance ki tum yeh jeetogi!

Hope to see a lot more comments!

Now if you are wondering where can you get all the list of posts so that you could comment on your favourite posts, we have solved that problem for you as well! Check the entire post list at the SITEMAP.

A sample of the popular posts till now are:

Microsoft Back with a Bing!

Why does India need a strong BJP?

Eradication of Urban Slums in India: A Pipe Dream?

Comparing EPL & IPL

Why CAT should always be offline

Micro-Insurance in Mumbai Local

These would get you started! Happy commenting everyone!

P.S. By ‘constructive’ we mean your thoughts / even criticism (in reasonable limits ofcourse). Comments which do not add to the discussion like ‘I agree’, ‘Nice article!’ will not be included.

P.P.S. Maybe you can comment on what do you think about this contest? Does it make sense? Is it a waste? Write a comment on this contest and maybe you win!

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16 thoughts on “Strat. In Contest – Comment 2 Win

  1. jagdish says:

    first of all congratulations for 100 posts.
    i think laziness is not the reason for comments not comimg from people.This may be case of only 10% people. Members who have joined are around 140. i am afraid that from these people more than 30-40 people are visiting this page daily. some time it happens that post are like universal truths or out of our interest or knowlwdge where there is nothing to give comments. i think we are getting nice comments daily as compared to the no of peope read it daily.this amount will grow as more people will join it.
    Now talking about this contest, i dont think this will help for increasing comments.its human tendency that they do things willingly in better way than they have asked to do.

  2. Hi Jagdish – Your point is well taken . Consider this contest as an attempt from our end to break the 1-9-90 rule of participation on an online community –

    User participation often more or less follows a 90-9-1 rule:

    * 90% of users are lurkers (i.e., read or observe, but don’t contribute).
    * 9% of users contribute from time to time, but other priorities dominate their time.
    * 1% of users participate a lot and account for most contributions: it can seem as if they don’t have lives because they often post just minutes after whatever event they’re commenting on occurs.


  3. Born_in_USA says:

    Hi – just want to understand what motivated you to declare $25 instead of, say Rs 1000.

    Is a majority of the audience based in the US? Or maybe a majority aspires to be in the US?

    Would the administrator be willing to do a poll on whether people would get more excited by INR1000 or $25?

  4. Abhishek says:

    Good point 🙂 Though if it were US$ 20 versus INR 1,000, it would be a better question… Given current exchange rates, US$ 25 > INR 1,000; so it’s a relatively simple question:)

  5. Kaushik says:

    Is the US $25 subject to the latest Re-$ rates?
    It was Rs 47.41 / $ yesterday

    Or do we need to hedge our risks? If anybody wants to hedge, I am your man – I am currently into this business

    Now please read my earlier posts on currency futures – they would give you an idea where you can lock in your $25 so that you don’t end up losing money


  6. To all people above who are thinking about the currency of the prize,I think the owner/admin would be giving out money via Paypal which doesn’t allow INR as yet.So USD is the closest and all advertisers prefer USD rather than GBP/Euro or other currencies.

    Anyway,congrats on 100 posts on this blog.Have commented on EPL-IPL post. Cheers!

  7. Kris says:

    Congrats on your achievement!

    I think a comment contest is great but why not have some fun activity like a treasure hunt within your blog or some trivia questions which would encourage interactivity with your readers?

    Thanks and hope I win!

  8. I agree with you that a lot of people don’t leave comment after reading our posts. Most of them told me that they’re busy, I just think that leaving a comment doesn’t take you an hour, why can’t they take 3mins to leave a comment?

    Anyway, congrats on your 100 posts! I don’t know whether the contest is over, but it’s fine. Just trying to get into the conversation. 😀


  9. Inontanvaws says:

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