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iPhone, Apple and Happy Customers!

iphoneApple and the way it makes its products is amazing! The pursuit of perfection is something that can be learnt from Apple. But recently when I was discussing with some friends regarding iPhone vs Other Phones another aspect of marketing came out regarding Apple.

In a small paragraph let us first discuss the history of iPhone. With the iPod Apple was able to revolutionize the music industry, made an entire industry for portable music players and their accessories and then capture market for online music purchases through iTunes. Next came iPhone, the perfect integration of iPod with a device which everyone needs today, a mobile phone. After an year came iPhone 3G and this year Apple released iPhone 3GS.

Now the reason I believe iPhone and Apple are so successful is because they keep their customers happy. Other mobile phone providers also keep their users happy but never as happy as Apple. Let me list some points why …..

  1. iPhone Software & Upgradation Options: The problem with other mobile phone operators is that when they take out a new phone they essentially make the old one seem pathetic. Probably it is a marketing technique by which they are forcing the user to switch his/her phone but the customer really isn’t happy. Assume you buy an N95 for Rs 30,000 in India and then they launch N97 with a wonderful touch screen and new applications. The problem is that my N95 phone cannot use those applications and seems kinda waste to me. In terms of iPhone when a new iPhone is being released there is always a software upgrade available for previous version to bring it almost at par with the new one (except the hardware, both the old and new iPhone will have same features same applications). Also if you want a new iPhone you can easily upgrade your plan which I think a lot of iPhone users want to do!
  2. Release Date: This point stands true for iPhone but not for all Apple products. I and many of my friends waited for the past 2-3 months because we were almost certain that the new iPhone will be released in June. The WWDC is a perfect launch platform for the iPhone and now everyone knows when a new version is launching. With other mobile phone providers you can never be sure when a new phone might be launched.
  3. Bringing the Software Developer Community to the iPhone: Apple is not a traditional mobile phone company, they are an operating system. So it was easy for them to release a developer toolkit for almost anyone to develop applications for iPhone. The result is a huge collections of applications developed specially For the iPhone which people can and want to use. I don’t think any other phone has been able to get so much support from developers.

Anyways iPhone is a great product and I hope to really enjoy using it for now! It is also an expensive product but then with Apple that is expected. I hope other mobile phones can also get on the applications bandwagon and bring wonderful applications to users so that later in case I need to switch then I can get a cheaper connection and the same features!

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One thought on “iPhone, Apple and Happy Customers!

  1. Shantan says:

    There are a ton of other reasons for Apple’s success. One of them is design. Just by the music quality, the iPod is not the best. But look at its design…oooohhhhh!! 🙂
    The iPhone Apps is another big gamble that paid off..
    There s lots more..
    But i got to mention the most imp: Steve Jobs!!

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