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From Innocence to Adolescence

Strat. In warmly welcomes another guest strater writing to us at our write-a-post section – Aditya M S K currently working as a Sr. Developer in Microsoft India. An active blogger, he blogs here and comes up with an offbeat yet interesting post about WHY are kids becoming smarter by the day.

From Innocence to Adolescence – This was not new when I wondered seeing a few kids and saying “Man, this kid is really smart.” She knows about stuff what I don’t even no till my college. I am not kidding,but am honest and truthful. My observation started when a 4th standard guy asked me whether I have a orkut account or not ? when I said yes and then he took my Id and sent me a request the very next day.

Kids have been surprising with their understanding of situations, the composed demeanour they present in their stature and the way they react when parents turn stiff on them. Kids now-a-days ask, “What is the problem, you are upset with me?” Than actually going to a corner and crying when mom or dad shouts. I have seen kids saying, mom I understood what you meant I will not repeat it. well if I look at these kind of conversations I rarely remember any talks I did in that fashion when I was at that age. One has to agree to the statement that most of the kids are sharp yet innocent. They are in the process of exploring the world. In that process they do come across many hiccups and flower rides. They build their own perspective out of them and that is how they grow up, I think so did we J.

I normally don’t watch any serials on any TV but one thing got my attention last week was Utaran on colors. It basically talks about two kids, one who is a royal kid(Tapasya) and the other is their maid’s kid(Iccha). Tapasya’s parents really don’t show any difference between these two girls and treat them equally. They both go to the same school, have a common friend circle. However the crux of the story is Tapasya is jealous of Iccha and does all nonsense with her like leaving her alone in the zoo when they went for excusrion, unnecessarily insulting her in public etc. well Tapasya’s parents come to know about this and they send her to hostel. There she will have tough time with her attitude and soon realizes what’s wrong with her. Even before this, she feels that she is wrong, but an aunt in his house supports her crazy activities against Iccha. Well let me not talk too much about the story but one thing I really likes is the way it is portrayed. It clearly depicted the influence kids will have on them because of parent, family and friends. These influences are the ones which really make their character. One thing we should know that is, these influences when build, they get built very strongly, it is really hard to change them, so parents need to take extreme care when it comes to this.

I was also recollecting Tare Zameen Par when I was watching this serial, and yet there was similar thought running in my mind about the innocence of kids, which gives way to thought process development and reasoning. In this journey they carry lot of experiences which are a mix of love, fear, anxiety, jealous, piousness etc. what will make one a real good citizen is a proper filtering of these emotions and convincing kids in situations where are they are dogmatic.

Of course, the kids and their tendancies do really matter, as they will be the next generation and it is everyone’s duty in a way to observe their concerned little buds and guide them well in the journey,  from Innocence to Adolescence.

The regular straters (Readers of may find this as something different from what they are used to read here, but then, our judgement was that this topic is as important as the topics normally discussed on this website. Tell us what you thought of this post in the comments section – eagerly looking forward to read those.

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7 thoughts on “From Innocence to Adolescence

  1. AT_korvus says:

    Very interesting article, and IMO, we can do with a few more like these. On the down side, not enough analysis was done, just some superficial overview of certain cases. This article has the potential for more thought and a little more objective analysis. I would recommend the author try “Future Shock” for a different perspective, or alternatively, being the dystopia loving anarchist that I am, “A Clockwork Orange” and/or “Akira”

  2. AT_korvus says:

    Forgot to add, another question that I would like the author to address is: can this early “growing up” be taken as the next step for human evolution. I’d be glad to address this in the comments section if the author doesn’t want to himself.

  3. jagdish says:

    really nice article..
    yes kids are getting smarter and smarter day by day ….and second point they are influenced by thier surrounding and parents.
    i will like to elaborate second point.Very few kids are borned great and they decide their destiny and follow the good values without influence of parrents.but if we talk about in general then parent factor matters a lot.In most of cases parent just do things by thinking that these are just small things to influence on kids, like they talk on subjects in front of kids which should not be talked,they carry their personal life and outside matters to home and behave in that way. kids normally thinks that what thier parent do is absolutely right and then they also get drifted in that way.Parent want thier children to become engineer( now they want them to do MBA also), doctor…but they rarely talk to them to become good human being.

  4. Dhanashree says:

    Kids no doubt are smart these days, but they face a lot of other problems. Kids today are being exposed to so much competition that they focus more on the end than the means. Losing is something that they cannot take. An interesting article here. Social networking for that matter is being used by kids in wrong ways. A related article here.I guess the problems faced by kids today are much more and different and they need to be addressed immediately for the greater good of the society.

  5. @AT_korvus

    Thanks for pointing out the perspective that it can be taken as a next step for human evolution. In one way yes. I did think about this but very rarely. giving it some more thought now,

    I feel this kind of change marks significant impact on the way society will get built in future. Where i come from for this conclusion is,
    I observe kids being more independent morally and they discuss the process of decision making with parents.

    These instances made me look at future, if these guys are like this now, when they come to the actual age where they need to choose their career, make life making decisions, how wise these guys will be. How independent they can be.

    Assuming that they carry the coolness and the composure in their attitude, no doubt they will be very responsible citizens for the society, and for the family too.

    Please feel free to pour in your thoughts 🙂

  6. @jagdish
    Thanks for the comment jagadish.

    I totally agree with you on the fact that, parents at times hardly give a thought how their behavior might infulence the kid? It is quite obvious that, kids learn the way of living life from parents.

    Say, if kids see parents fighting in front of them, no doubt it leaves them with a kind of an awkward impression. At times after the fight the parents really don’t care about kids. This makes them feel lonely or left alone.

    I would like to mention a scene what I observed with my cousin. My aunt and uncle were having an altercation. This guy was watching them for sometime and suddenly got up and said, “Dad, don’t agravate the topic, let’s go out and take a break”. This left me shell shocked for his common sense and amazed at his understanding power, that going out and taking a break will solve the issue.

    For most of the people, someone needs to tell them to go out and take a break, it doesn’t strike that easily.

    A kind of tailored behavior from parents while spending time with their kids would be the best learning session for kids about life at early stages. I see some parents doing this already, and I observe the change in attitude kids get out of this.

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